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DOT Physicals

In & Out $75 DOT Physical Exams

Stay compliant with a quick and easy DOT Physical with our friendly staff. We offer business hours to fit all schedules – make your appointment today!

Dr. Laura Dailey Wise, DC is your local NATIONALLY CERTIFIED MEDICAL EXAMINER for the Department of Transportation physicals.

Your DOT Physical Exam

What does a DOT Physical consist of?

  1. Urinalysis (this is not a drug test)
  2. Vision Exam
  3. Height & Weight
  4. Pulse obtained via pulse oximeter evaluation (on finger)
  5. Blood Pressure (manual)
  6. Color Differentiation
  7. Hearing Exam performed via audiometer (rather than with a generic whisper test)
  8. Strength/Reflex/Sensory evaluation of arms & legs
  9. Evaluation of the Heart & Lungs using the Eko stethoscope which is noise cancelling and magnifies sounds allowing us to more easily pick up subtle heart abnormalities.
  10. Review of Medical History including Medication

What should you bring to a DOT Physical Exam?

  1. Your wife to fill in the blanks LOL!
  2. Medical History
  3. Active Medication List
  4. Full bladder for urinalysis
  5. Active Driver’s License

DOT Physical Requirements

3 Most common conditions that will need additional paperwork for DOT Physicals

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Don't take our word for it! read about our DOT Physicals from a customer.

I've been going to Dailey Chiropractic for over a decade to renew my DOT Medical. Their facility is clean & they take Covid-19 precautions seriously. They do their best to accommodate you around your schedule. Appointments are easy to make & quick to get you in. They even offer to fax your card to the BMV now, saving time for those of us with busy schedules. Laura's great! She'll make you feel comfortable & welcome.

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